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Misrad HaHinuch

Course Coordinators
Morim Olim Pedagogy course @David Yellin College, Jerusalem
Laureen Rabi: 02-671-8886/054-240-5557
Lois Ben-David: 02-533-2896/052-2755437

Employment Coordinators
Shai Aran(outside areas of Jerusalem): 050-628-3031
Pat Talshir(inside Jerusalem): 050-628-3264/02560-1481

Michael Cohen’s Office(Director, Misrad HaHinuch)
Rochelle Vitkin: 054-782-6155/02-676-2056
Miriam Eitan: Office Hours Monday 1-3, Location: Only Gd knows…

Degree Recognition
Misrad Hahinuch, 22 Kanfei Nesahrim, 1st floor(takes roughly 3 months) 10-1pm 02-560-2222/02-560-2853

Prior Experience Recognition(Vetek)
Letter from each school—on letterhead–detailing: dates(years), courses taught, hours per week

Additional(6)Course Exemptions
*Send letter to Michael Cohen INCLUDING transcripts, degree recognition verification, prior experience verification and INCLUDE cover letter in HEBREW explaining request for exemption AND letter from institutions applicable to Hebrew courses detailing each course and grade.
*Letter should include Teudat Zeut #, Teudat Oleh #

The completion of the Pedagogy course and SIX other courses(NOT offered every year) are required for a Teudat Hora’ah(Teaching CERTIFICATE) There ARE exemptions(from the courses or exams for the courses) available based on prior coursework(as per the persons/directions above).

A teaching LICENSE in Israel requires roughly three years of successful teaching(and observations from inspectors) and additional coursework. Details of exact license requirements to follow.



2 thoughts on “Misrad HaHinuch

  1. Hello, thank you for this interesting blog! Is it possible to contact you in private?

  2. solflofromisrael on said:

    Alexander. Sorry for a ridiculously late response. I let this blog flail and I am resurrecting. I missed this post and I hope you are teaching successfully. Feel free to be in touch!

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