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4 thoughts on “Links

  1. susan kramer on said:

    I am interested in teaching English this coming August in Israel. I am an ESL teacher and my specialty is incarcerated/challenging students.

  2. nina on said:

    Seeking teaching position in Tsfat area. I have over 10 years experience teaching elementary level English and other academic subjects, including basic Hebrew reading. I have a teaching credential in Special Education issued by the state of California, USA. Contact Nina Broitman: 054-527-9206 &

  3. solflofromisrael on said:

    Susan! sorry for responding a year late. I am resurrecting this site with some more information to come soon.

    I hope you have found something that suits you! Please stay tuned or be in touch.

    • solflofromisrael on said:

      Nina. Ditto on the apology! I never seemed to have received any email that there were comments here. Should be working appropriately now. I am updating this site more now and hope to have regular updates moving forward. Kol tuv!

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